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Counting Tickets from the last three months

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  • Counting Tickets from the last three months

    Hi @ all,

    I´m searching for a solution for a counting problem in a script.

    This is the current script:


    ActiveRequest.UserFields("NumberOfIncidents").Valu e = GetNumberOfTickets("Incidents")
    ActiveRequest.UserFields("NumberOfServiceRequests" ).Value = GetNumberOfTickets("RequestFulfillment")
    ActiveRequest.UserFields("NumberOfProblems").Value = GetNumberOfTickets("Problems")

    ActiveRequest.SaveEx 1

    The script is an action of an escalation, which counts one time per hour a certain kind of tickets, which were produced in any time.

    My question:
    Is it possible to isolate the period from the actual date to the actual date - 3 months?

    I don´t know a solution in the moment, perhaps somebody could help?!

    Thanks a lot and best wishes from germany ))

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    Hi Börn,
    could you please specify here the source code of the procedure "GetNumberOfTickets"?
    Procedure with the same name exists in ITSM Center v5 (in ITSM_ServiceDesk_ClientInclude), but I'm not sure that it's the same in your system.
    Сергей Осадчий